Champions of Ionia


Swift and Sure


The champions of Ionia are as divided as their homeland, with some seeking to reclaim the peace and isolation of the past, while others cry for vengeance. Can the First Lands prosper in the face of such devastation? One thing is certain: peace can only be achieved through victory. Learn more about the Ionian champions below:


Zed: The Master of Shadows

Who dares challenge the darkness?


  • Zed levels up when he sees himself or his shadows strike your opponent’s Nexus twice.


Shen: The Eye of Twilight

Turn your gaze from deception.


  • Shen levels up when he sees allies gain Barrier 4+ times.


Yasuo: The Unforgiven

Death is but a whisper on the wind.


  • Yasuo levels up when you Stun or Recall 5+ units.


Karma: The Enlightened One

Harmony demands sacrifice.


  • Karma levels up upon Enlightenment.
    • When you play a spell with a Level 2 Karma on the board, that spell will be recast against the same targets. Please keep in mind that this ignores play prerequisites for any given spell.
      • For example, a card like Get Excited requires you to discard a card in order to play. With Level 2 Karma you can skip this, going straight to dealing damage.


Lee Sin: The Blind Monk

Channel the dragon. Defend the balance.


  • Lee Sin levels up when you've cast 8+ spells.


Lulu: The Fae Sorceress

She'll enchant you...whether you like it or not!



Irelia: The Blade Dancer

Her dance is a true art of war.


  • Irelia levels up when 14+ allies have attacked.

Ahri: The Nine-Tailed Fox

Desires are the fox's playthings.


  • Ahri levels up once you've recalled 6+ units.

Kennen: The Heart of the Tempest

Strike from the shadows.


  • Kennen levels up once you've summoned the same ally 5+ times.
  • Kennen is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Bandle City.

Master Yi: The Wuju Bladesman

Form before strength.


  • Master Yi levels up when he's dealt 12+ damage.

Sett: The Boss

Wanna piece of me? Line starts here.


  • Sett levels up when you've spent 40+ mana.

Morgana: The Fallen

You will know suffering.


  • Morgana levels up when you've targeted units 8+ times.
  • Morgana is multi-regional—she's also a champion of Targon.

The champions of Ionia seek harmony, but could the answer lay beyond the treacherous seas that caress the islands?

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