Runeterran Champions

Runeterran Champions

No Boundaries

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Not bound by regions, Runeterrans walk their own paths, forging their destinies through pure volition. These regionless champions don’t belong to mighty Demacia, the fearsome Shadow Isles, or anywhere in between. Instead, each has their own Origin. When building a deck, an Origin takes up one of the two region slots and follows a set of unique deckbuilding rules. A deck can be built with any one of the following:

  • 2 Origins and no regions
  • 1 Origin and 1 region
  • No Origins and 2 regions

Each Runeterran's Origin contains the deckbuilding rules for that champion. An Origin's deckbuilding rule can be just about anything – it can be built around a specific mechanic like Bard's Wandering Caretaker Origin, which allows you to put cards that plant Chimes into your deck, or something more broad like Jhin's Origin, The Virtuoso.

The Virtuoso allows you to add any follower to your deck as long as they have a Skill. That's right, any follower from any region, as long as they have a Skill. This means all 3 of the below can be placed in a deck with Jhin as their champion:

The Crackshot Corsair card, feauturing a yordle swinging on a rope while aiming a pistol.The Boomcrew Rookie card, featuring a young man planting a bomb.The Commander Ledros card, standing menacingly.


A Skill is an ability that the unit casts similarly to a spell when played, creating those little circles in the center of the board. You can filter your card collection in-game to show only cards with Skills by searching for “Skill” in the deckbuilder.

The Petricite Hound, however would not fit in a Jhin deck.

The PETRICITE GUARDIAN stands proud and attentive in the Durand workshop as the statues come to life. The DURAND SCULPTOR puts finishing touches on it, wielding her magic hammer.

While it may be Formidable, which is a keyword, it does not have a skill.

Adding a champion like Braum from the Freljord or Kindred from the Shadow Isles will allow you to add cards from their regions to your deck just as they do now, regardless if they have a Skill or not.

Here are some things to keep in mind when building decks using Runeterrans:

  • Runeterrans are regionless champions.
  • Since Runeterrans are regionless, they don’t count as coming from one of the 10 regions. This means the Bandle Tree won’t create them in your hand, and they won't count towards winning the game.
  • Origins are the rules Runeterrans follow. They take up one of the two region slots in your deck.
  • Since Origins take up the slot of a region, cards like Insight of Ages may create cards that fit its deckbuilding rules.

    The Insight of Ages spell, featuring Karma preparing an attack.

    • For example, if you're running a Noxus/Origin deck, the Insight of Ages may create a Spell that fits a deck’s Origin, but doesn’t come from Noxus.

Runeterran champions are resolute forces with distinct goals and abilities. Learn more about them below.

Jhin: The Virtuoso

All the world's a stage for his opera of death.

At the jetty, JHIN holds his gun in the air, loading the last of the ORNATE BULLETS into its chamber. Behind are the STAGEHAND and the WITNESS, his audience.

  • Jhin's Origin: The Virtuoso - You may put any follower that has a Skill into your deck during deckbuilding.
  • Jhin levels up once you've played 12+ Fast spells, or Skills.

Bard: The Wandering Caretaker

The chimes of his footsteps echo beyond Runeterra.

BARD stands before various portals, which depict various moments from other moments in the set. From the largest portal, he is observing VALEEVA.

  • Bard's Origin: The Wandering Caretaker - You may put any cards that plant Chimes into your deck during deckbuilding.
  • Bard levels up once you've increased the total stats of allies in play or hand by 20+.

Evelynn: Agony's Embrace

No, really... the pleasure's all hers.


  • Evelynn levels up when she or an ally kills an ally's Husk. 

Kayn: The Shadow Reaper

He knows something his enemies don’t. Their inevitable doom.


  • Kayn levels up when he's struck twice. When he levels up, Recall him and play him as either Rhaast or The Shadow Assassin.

Jax: Grandmaster at Arms

Always ready for battle.


  • Jax levels up when Equipped allies have struck for 15+ damage.

Varus: The Arrow of Retribution

Just give him a target.


  • Varus levels up when you've targeted 8+ allies.

Ryze: The Rune Mage

Don't touch his runes.


  • Ryze levels up when he's seen 3+ unique World Runes.

Aatrox: The Darkin Blade

All life must end.


  • Aatrox levels up when you've played World Ender.

Neeko: The Curious Chameleon

Neeko goes up—colors come down!


  • Neeko's Origin: Many-Shaped Jungle Friends! - You may put Bird, Cat, Dog, Elnuk, Fae, Reptile, and Spider followers into your deck during deckbuilding.
  • Neeko levels up when you've attacked with allies that have 6+ different subtypes.

The Poro King

All hail The Poro King. He's got snax on snax on snax. He might give you some.


  • The Poro King's Origin: The Poro King's Decree - You may put any non-champion cards with the word "Poro" on them into your deck during deckbuilding.
  • The Poro King levels up when you've summoned 6+ other new Poros.


New friends and foes await as you walk the world of Runeterra. What alliances will you build as you traverse the regions?

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