Teemo Tricks

It’s mushroom madness over here...and that’s just the way Teemo likes it. Bandle City’s most notorious scout has joined the LoR forces of Piltover & Zaun. True to form, Teemo is one of the most dangerous cards in the game, and it takes a little extra explanation to show how his Poison Puffcaps operate.

Every time Teemo strikes the enemy Nexus, he will introduce 5 Poison Puffcaps into your opponent’s deck, where the pesky parasites will stick to some of their cards. Multiple mushrooms can attach to a single card, making each card drawn a potential time bomb! This action is called “planting.”


Shroom Rules

Teemo is an army unto himself, but there are a few puffcap points to go over:

  • If a puffcap is planted on a card, that card must be drawn to trigger the effect. That may sound like common sense, but some cards and abilities will place cards directly into play from the deck, so keep that in mind.
    • Troop of Elnuks is a great example of this, as that card summons each elnuk from the top 10 cards of a deck. Since those cards weren’t drawn to your hand first, any puffcaps planted on them won’t activate!
  • If a card with a puffcap is discarded, the puffcap will be discarded along with it and deal no damage.
  • However, if an effect sees cards being drawn from the deck into the player’s hand, then those cards could still have a poison puffcap planted on them.
    • Take Babbling Bjerg as an example. When this wacky old man is summoned, the player draws a unit with 5+ power. Watch out -- if that card has any planted poison puffcaps, damage is coming your way!
  • Teemo knows not to discount luck when it comes to survival, and neither should you! Which card Teemo plants his puffcaps on is random. This means that you could pull one card with one puffcap...or one card with fifty! There's no limit to how many poisonous shrooms could land on a single card.

While it took all of our willpower not to mention what a FUNGI Teemo is, we hope you have a better understanding, and appreciation, for this pint-sized powerhouse.

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