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The champions of Bandle City may be small, but these yordles are not to be messed with. What exciting challenges await these curious creatures? Learn more about the champions of Bandle City below:

Poppy: Keeper of the Hammer

Flatten your foes with a single slam!


  • Poppy levels up once she's attacked alongside allies 3 times.
  • Poppy is multi-regional—she’s also a champion of Demacia.

Tristana: The Yordle Gunner

Big attitude, bigger cannon!


  • Tristana levels up when you've summoned 4+ multi-region allies.

Veigar: The Tiny Master of Evil

No, seriously. He's TOTALLY evil.


  • Veigar levels up once you've dealt 12+ damage with Darkness.
    • Darkness is a created card that deals 2 damage to an enemy.
  • Veigar is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of the Shadow Isles.

Ziggs: The Hexplosives Expert

Talk about an explosive personality.


  • Ziggs levels up once you've destroyed 4+ allied landmarks.
  • Ziggs is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Shurima.

Fizz: The Tidal Trickster

Mischief has never looked so... slippery?


Teemo: The Swift Scout

It’s not just the puffcaps that are toxic.


  • Teemo levels up after you've planted 15+ Poison Puffcaps on random cards throughout your opponent’s deck.
    • There are some unique conditions to mastering Teemo’s Puffcaps, so be sure to check out this article for more info!
  • Teemo is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Piltover & Zaun.

Heimerdinger: The Revered Inventor

Turrets turn genius into firepower.


  • Heimerdinger levels up once he's seen you summon 12+ Power worth of Turrets.
  • Heimerdinger is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Piltover & Zaun.

Lulu: The Fae Sorceress

She'll enchant you... whether you like it or not!


Kennen: The Heart of the Tempest

Strike from the shadows.


  • Kennen levels up once you've summoned the same ally 5+ times.
  • Kennen is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Ionia.

Rumble: The Mechanized Menace

The power of yordle-tech is his to command.


  • Rumble levels up once he has seen allied Mecha-Yordles deal 12+ damage.
  • Rumble is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Noxus.

Yuumi: The Magical Cat

The purrfect companion.


  • Yuumi levels up when she or the unit she's Attached to has attacked 3+ times.
  • Yuumi is multi-regional—she’s also a champion of Targon.

Gnar: The Missing Link

You wouldn't like him when he's angry.


  • Gnar levels up at the end of the round if you've damaged the enemy Nexus that round.
  • Gnar is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of the Freljord.

Norra: The Long-Lost Yordle

Portals, portals, everywhere.


  • Norra levels up when you've summoned 6+ created allies.

While these yordles will always call Bandle City home, they can often be found using their strength, wits, and wisdom to build new friendships all across Runeterra.

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