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The champions of Noxus live and die by the creed that only the strong survive, and to that end, they will do whatever it takes to not only thrive...but conquer. Learn more about the Noxian champions below:


Draven: The Glorious Executioner

It’s only excessive when you’re less impressive.

Draven twirls a blade in one hand while holding a laughing maiden in his other. He stares at her with a jaunty grin.

  • Draven levels up by striking with two total* Spinning Axes.
    • Draven generates a Spinning Axe whenever he attacks or is summoned.
    • * Draven's not exactly... picky. You can strike once when buffed by two Spinning Axes or twice when buffed by one. The point is two Axes. Think of it as one for each handlebar of his mustache. 


Katarina: The Sinister Blade

The hidden knife cuts deepest.

Katarina stands ready for battle, her arms outstretched with a blade in each hand.

  • Katarina levels up by striking anything at all!
    • Katarina Recalls after leveling up automatically.


Vladimir: The Crimson Reaper

Blood: a bond stronger than time itself.

Vladamir descends a staircase as his servants bow before him.

  • Vladimir levels up when 5+ allies, including himself, survive damage.
    • Being an ancient vampire has its perks, including associating with some Tough customers. Even if an ally has Tough (and the damage they sustain is technically zero), the Crimson Reaper's level up condition is still satisfied by their survival. 


Darius: The Hand of Noxus

Weakness is not an option.

Darius sits amongst rubble with the blade of his axe in his hands, looking back at the burning destruction behind him.

  • Darius levels up when he sees the enemy Nexus has half of its starting health.


Swain: The Noxian Grand General

Conquer. Command. Control.

Swain commands the Citybreakers behind him as a murder of crows takes flight.

  • Swain levels up once you’ve dealt 12 non-combat damage.


Riven: The Exile

Forge your heart anew.


  • Riven levels up when she sees Blade of the Exile in your hand.


LeBlanc: The Deceiver

Nothing blooms in darkness but shadows.

LeBlanc sits at a table, surrounded by people yelling and accusing her.

  • LeBlanc levels up when she sees you deal 15+ damage.

Sion: The Undead Juggernaut

War does not end in death, but in conquest.

Just inside the outpost, SION steps through the rubble and ROARS out a full-throated battle scream! Behind, the LOST SOUL approach.

  • Sion levels up when you've discarded or summoned 35+ Power worth of cards.

Rumble: The Mechanized Menace

The power of yordle-tech is his to command.

RUMBLE clashes with SHURIMA MECH! Rumble's flamethrower and SHURIMA MECH'S sand weapon blast each other! Parts of the Shurima Mech's armor has been scorched, and lays on the arena floor. Behind, the ARENA MECHACASTER zooms around, full of glee!

  • Rumble levels up once he has seen allied Mecha-Yordles deal 12+ damage.
  • Rumble is multi-regionalhe’s also a champion of Bandle City.

Annie: The Dark Child

Something wicked this way comes...

ANNIE holds hands with FYNN RETRICK as she's led into the Ravenborn Conservatoire. She has soot on her face, and looks a little wide-eyed. Behind, HEADMISTRESS TELSI, SPELL SLINGER and THE PREFECT watch from the gardens.

  • Annie levels up once she's seen you play 6+ Fast spells, Slow spells, or Skills.

Samira: The Desert Rose

Take the shot, or lose the chance.


  • Samira levels up when she's seen you play 6+ cards. Resets when you start a round with the attack token.

Mordekaiser: The Iron Revenant

Even in death, your spirit is his.


  • Mordekaiser levels up when 15+ allies have died (allies with 5+ Power count twice).
  • Mordekaiser is multi-regionalhe's also a champion of the Shadow Isles.

Are you strong enough to join the Noxian ranks in their quest for total victory? True, its borders are impenetrable, but strength also lies beyond the walls of Noxus...if you’re brave enough to look.

Explore the other regions of Runeterra.

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