Weekly Adventures


Notice something new in your World Map? Weekly Adventures consist of three new challenges that change every week. The three challenges vary in levels of difficulty and unlock based on your Legend Level:

  • The Starlight Portal adventure unlocks at Legend Level 6
  • The Shadow Portal adventure unlocks at Legend Level 10
  • The Dark Star Portal adventure unlocks at Legend Level 15

Just like other World Adventures, you can view progress in your Adventure Journal. The weekly challenges reset on Monday night, at midnight (Shard time):

  • The Americas - Pacific Time
  • Europe - Central European Time
  • SEA - Singapore Standard Time

Playing Weekly Adventures earns you the following rewards! (If you repeat an adventure the same week, you get Champion XP instead.)  

Starlight Portal (Legend Level 6 Unlock) 1 Bronze Reliquary
1000 Legend Points
Shadow Portal (Legend Level 10 Unlock) 1 Silver Vault
1000 Legend Points
Dark Star Portal (Legend Level 15 Unlock) 1 Rare Reliquary
1000 Legend Points
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