Weekly Vaults

There’s something pretty wonderful about opening a present and getting to see all the free goodies inside. We’ve saved you the potential papercuts and forgone the wrapping, and instead, we present to you...Weekly Vaults! 

So, what exactly are Vaults?

Think of Vaults as weekly presents you can earn just by playing the game! Vaults will give you bigger and better rewards as you level the Vault up over the week. So all you need to do is play, complete quests, and have fun!

  • That’s pretty awesome! How do I open the Vault?
    • Each chest can only be opened at the end of the countdown (no peeking!) even at max level. Just click the chest to open it and see your rewards.
  • That sure sounds simple. But what’s even in the Vault?
    • We weren’t kidding about the whole “present” angle. You’ll get a variety of random spells, units, wildcards, and champions depending on how high you've leveled up your chest for the week. It really does pay to play!
  • What about Vault levels?
    • You start at level 1, but you can get up to level 13 every week. However, now you can even grind beyond level 13. In fact, for every 4500 XP you earn beyond level 13 will add a bonus capsule to your Week Vault. 

Bonus Capsules

Wondering what going above and beyond level 13 means? Those Bonus Capsules contain 3 Rare and 2 Common cards! All the normal upgrade rules apply.

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