Guide to the LoR Store

Coins burning a hole in your Runeterran pocket? The LoR Shop can help you with that. This is where you can purchase all the wildcards you need to fill out your deck and build up your winning strategy. Let’s talk about Stipends and Starter Bundles.



There are 4 different wildcard types in Legends of Runeterra based on rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Champion. When you open the store, you’ll see that each wildcard differs in how many are “in stock.” The store will restock at the same time as your Weekly Vault, replenishing your stipend of each card. The current limit for each wildcard type are:

  • 6 Common
  • 6 Rare
  • 3 Epic
  • 3 Champion

Keep in mind that if you end up refunding a wildcard, it will not replenish the stock in-store.


Starter Bundle


Looking to start your journey through Runeterra well-stocked and ready for any deck that’s thrown at you? Consider checking out the Starter Bundle! This one-time purchase includes 66 cards (11 from each region) to give you a well-rounded entry point to explore all Legends of Runeterra has to offer.

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