LoR's Refund Policy

If you’ve made a purchase you need to reverse for any reason, unused items can be refunded* within 7 days of purchase. What’s even better is that you can refund right there in the client! Just keep in mind that some items, like the Starter Bundle, cannot be refunded. You’ll be notified before you purchase any non-refundable item.

To access your transaction history, click the Store tab, then click Purchases. Any content eligible for refund will have a REFUND  button on the right.

If you have any questions about your purchases, you can /submit a ticket below, and be sure to reference the transaction ID of the purchase you have a question or issue with.

*Used Cards

You heard us mention "unused items can be refunded," but I bet you're wondering what makes an item "used?" Well, of course when you play a card in-game it's used, but did you know that if your card gets locked in a game mode (like Gauntlets), it's also used? This means that once you lock your deck, all cards in there are used, even if you don't end up playing that deck!

Please Note:

If you are looking to refund a direct transfer of real money (such as refunding a Coin purchase), you’ll need to contact us directly by clicking Submit a Ticket below. If you need to refund a monetary purchase on Legends of Runeterra Mobile, you'll need to contact Google or Apple for a refund (depending on your provider).

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