Let’s Talk About Opening Vaults

We’ve discussed the merits of opening presents over in our Weekly Vaults article, but we wanted to dive a little deeper into what exactly happens when you open your Vault in Legends of Runeterra.

  1. First thing’s first. In any given week, your Vault can go from level 1 to level 13* (and beyond, but more on that below). The higher the level, the greater the rewards.
  2. When you open your Vault, you’ll receive 3 chests whose rarity will depend on the level of your Vault.
  3. After opening the Vault, each of the chests inside has the random potential to upgrade. Once upgraded, that chest can chain upgrade. It’s possible to go from a bronze chest all the way up to a diamond one! (Okay, so statistically that isn’t very likely, but it totally could happen, and that’s what makes it neat).
  4. After the final tier of your chests is determined, each chest will open to reveal the sweet, sweet goodies inside.
  5. Much like the chests, the content inside the chests has the potential to upgrade as well! (We just really like upgrades).
  6. Once all the chests have opened, you’ll see a Vault summary (a special note on that below). This will show all the specific cards and wildcards you’ve received. For example, if you open 3 random common cards and 1 common wildcard, your total haul includes 4 common cards.

*Beyond Level 13

Want to go above and beyond Vault levels? For every 4500 XP you earn beyond level 13, you'll earn a Bonus Capsule containing 3 Rare cards and 2 common ones, and all the normal upgrade potential applies! Hurray!

If it’s been a minute since you last opened your Vault, you could have multiple Vaults (one that is currently active, and one or more that need to be opened). If you don’t see progress on your currently displayed Vault, make sure you open it up and get your presents! Once you do, you’ll see the progress on your active Vault until the next opening day.

Please Note

We are currently investigating a visual bug where the Vault summary does not show the correct count of cards. Don't worry, though. The cards & wildcards you've unlocked while opening the Vault are still safe in your Collection.

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