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Looking to up your game and try some new strategies in The Path of Champions? Then try adding relics to your champion's arsenal!

What are relics?

Relics are items your champions can equip that provide the champion with upgraded stats and passive abilities.

Also, the rarer the relic, the stronger its power. You'll only be able to find Common and Rare relics at the moment, but rare and more powerful ones are planned for future updates!

How to Unlock Relics

Legends of Runeterra Player Support - A crop of Jinx's Champion Details screen with a fly out on top of Jinx's card stating that relics is a LOCKED FEATURE and the player must Reach Legend Level 5 to unlock relics.

The Relics feature unlocks at Legend Level 5. Relics themselves can be unlocked on their own or found within reliquaries (relic chests) by playing World or Campaign adventures and completing quests. Here are some of the reliquaries you can come across when completing content:

Bronze Reliquary - Contains a guaranteed Common relic with chance of upgrading to a Rare relic

Silver Reliquary - Contains a guaranteed Rare relic

Looking for something a bit more unique? Complete the second adventure of each champion’s Campaign to be awarded an exclusive relic you won’t find anywhere else.

You can own up to three copies of the same relic. Any extra copies after the third will turn into a number of Green Shards based on the relic's rarity (much like when you have extra copies of cards).

More relics and reliquaries will be added as The Path of Champions expands, so keep an eye on those patch notes!

How to Equip Relics

Click on your champion's icon in the bottom left of the World Map to open their Details page. Notice how your champion's card has three hexagons next to it? Those are relic slots. Click on one of those slots to get a more detailed view of the relics you have equipped.

A crop of Jinx's champion card with her 3 relic slots. The first one is a Common relic slot and is unlocked, the other 2 are locked Common relic slots.

Champions typically have three relic slots. As long as you're at least Legend Level 5, a champion's first relic slot becomes available as soon as they are unlocked. The other two unlock at Champion Levels 13 and 25.

Each slot begins as a Common relic slot, meaning they can only take Common relics. As your champion levels up, those slots become Rare relic slots that can be used to hold either a Common or Rare relic. The three slots upgrade one-at-a-time at champion levels 8, 19, and 25.

Getting back to Jinx, she currently doesn't have any relics equipped. Let's change that! Click the button to the right of that slot to see the Relics screen.

The Relics page showing locked and unlocked Relics.

That's a lot of relics! Any you own are shown in full-color, and those you don't are grayed out. Right now, Jinx has the Armordillo Shell.

A look at the Armordillo Shell relic - a Common relic that gives the champion its equiped to +0 Power, +1 Health and the keyword Tough.

Since it's a Common relic, we can equip it to Jinx's empty Common relic slot! To do that:

  • Drag the Armordillo Shell from the list over to the empty relic slot.
  • Click Save & Exit.

The Jinx champion card with the Common Armordillo Shell relic equipped.

And voila! Jinx just became that much more terrifying!

How to Remove and Change Equipped Relics

Tired of that ol' Armordillo Shell? You can easily remove it:

  • In the Relics screen, drag the relic away from its relic slot.
  • Click Save & Exit.

You can equip or remove relics as many times as you like, just remember to click Save & Exit to save your changes!

Also, if you want that Armordillo Shell to be used by Jinx, Jhin, and Annie, but can’t decide who to equip it to…well, why not all three? Each common and rare relic can be equipped to any number of champions at the same time even if you only have one copy. So there’s no need to unequip those relics if you want another champion to use them!

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