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Are you ready to become a Legend...of Runeterra? You thought the legends were the champions, but no -- the true legend...is you. That's why, dear player, you can gain Legend Levels.

Your Legend Level gives a visual representation of the progress you've made in The Path of Champions and powers up your whole champion roster. That's right - visual - so you can show all those other would-be "Legends" the score. Now go out there and make Draven proud!


What, you want more? Alright, fine - there's more!

Legend Level Rewards

Each time you level up you'll also get a sweet upgrade. You won’t have to grind to unlock these every time you swap champions. Legend level reflects your overall progress in the game mode itself. Here's a rundown:

Level Reward
1 1 Reroll
2 Chapter Quests unlocked
3 PoC Daily and Weekly Quests unlocked
4 Rare adventure content unlocked
5 Guinsoo's Rageblade Relic
6 Shop upgrade
7 Silver Cosmic Vault
8 2 Rerolls
9 +10% Gold acquisition
10 Healer upgrade
11 100 Starting Gold
12 Rare Relic
13 Shop upgrade
14 Gold Cosmic Vault
15 Healer upgrade
16 +20% Gold acquisition
17 Gold Cosmic Vault
18 3 Rerolls
19 Platinum Cosmic Vault
20 Healer upgrade

The max Legend Level is currently 20, but it won't stay that way forever. Keep an eye on our patch notes for updates!

How to Increase Your Legend Level

You'll need to earn Legend Points if you want to level up.

Legend of Runeterra Player Support - An example of the Legend Points given after completing an adventure.

Legend Points can be obtained the first time you complete an adventure and whenever you complete a quest. World Adventures, Champion Campaigns, Chapter Quests, Daily Quests, Weekly Quests – anything and everything will earn you Legend Points!

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