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Emotes! Like the humble meme, emotes convey a lot of feeling in a single image. Whether it’s expressing anger at a devastating counter-play with an irate Tryndamere, or reminding your foe how spectacular that spell stack was with a toast from Vladimir, emotes will be the primary form of communication in Legends of Runeterra.

So how do I get an Emote?

Some emotes in LoR just requires you and the game. You'll have a nice little stash at your disposal once you get in-game. However, some spicy reactions are available in the Store for you to purchase with Coins. Go check 'em out to be like Swain (Mind BlownBoom).


Can I change which Emotes I have equipped?

You sure can! When you're ready to get in game, head over to your Loadout and click on that unassuming smiley face. 


Nothing says "For Noxus" like memes.

Once you're in, you can drag and drop your chosen emotes. Curate your collection whether you're going for jovial sportsmanship or... that face that Quinn is making (or somewhere in between!)


Can I turn off emotes?

As fun as sharing your emotions with your opponent can be, there’s no shame in turning off outside chatter and hunkering down for a focused match. Toggle emotes on and off with this button:

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