How Multi-Region Cards Work


The mysterious and mystical region of Bandle City is all about the magic of multi-region cards. Curious how to put these cards to use? Read on!

Your deck's region is determined solely by the single-region cards in it. To use multi-region cards in your deck, you just need a single-region card from either of the card's two regions.

Let's say you're making a deck with Fizz:


Based on the symbols in the upper right of the card, you can see that Fizz is from the Bilgewater and Bandle City regions. If Fizz is the first card you add to your deck, the deck won't have a region until you add either a single-region Bandle City or single-region Bilgewater card.

Let's add a Zap Sprayfin to the deck with Fizz:


Since Zap Sprayfin is a single-region card from Bilgewater, your deck becomes a Bilgewater deck.

But what if we want to add Lulu as a second champion?


Lulu is a multi-regional champion from Ionia and Bandle City. Since you don't have any single-region Ionia or Bandle City cards in your deck, you can't add her just yet—your deck is still a single-region Bilgewater deck!


You can technically add Lulu to your Bilgewater deck, but a red ! will appear on her card slice in the deck builder and she won’t be valid until you add a single-region card from either Ionia or Bandle City to your deck.

Since you need a single-region Ionia or Bandle City card, let's add The Bandle Tree:


The Bandle Tree is a single-region card, giving your deck its second region—Bandle City. You can now add any card from Bilgewater or Bandle City, including any multi-region cards from either region.

Now, take another look at what The Bandle Tree landmark does.

Win the game if you've summoned units from 10 regions.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! 10 regions?! That's not legal... or is it? Welcome, dear friend, to the magic of multi-region cards!

Remember—you can add any card from your deck's regions, including any multi-region cards from either region. If we continue to build that Bilgewater/Bandle City deck, both of the multi-region cards below are valid:


But why, you ask? Because they're both part of the Bandle City region, just like your deck! Not only that, but if you summoned Aloof Travelers and Arena Kingpin along with Fizz, you'd have summoned cards from 4 regions—Bandle City, Bilgewater, Piltover & Zaun, and Noxus—almost halfway to winning the game with The Bandle Tree!

And you don't have to have Bandle City as one of your regions to use multi-region cards. If you had a Bilgewater/Noxus deck, you could still use the Arena Kingpin, since Noxus is one of his regions. Same goes for the Aloof Travelers and a Bilgewater/Piltover & Zaun deck, since they hail from Piltover & Zaun.

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