Aphelios' Abilities


Think fast and aim true because Aphelios has made his way to Legends of Runeterra. The Weapon of the Faithful has a lot going for him: an arsenal of lunar weapons, Nightfall synergy, and a telepathic bond with his sister, Alune. With so much going on, we thought it might help to shine some light on how Aphelios operates in-game. 

Moon Weapons


When we say Aphelios has an arsenal, we aren't being hyperbolic. He's got five (!) Moon Weapons that Alune can send him throughout the course of battle. Let's look at each of them:

  • Calibrum: Deal 3 damage to a follower.
  • Severum: Give an ally +1|+2 and Lifesteal.
  • Gravitum: Stun an enemy. If it's a follower, Stun them again when the round starts.
  • Infernum: Give an ally +2|+1 and Overwhelm this round.
  • Crescendum: Summon a two cost follower. If the unit has Nightfall, activate it.

Pretty neat, right? Useful spells in their own right, each one of Aphelios' Moon Weapons will Phase another when played.

Let's Talk Phasing

The ability to Phase a weapon is a unique mechanic for Aphelios and his Moon Weapons. At it's core, Phasing means you'll be able to pick a Moon Weapon. You'll notice on their spell cards that there are specific weapons that can be phased when the initial weapon is played (Calibrum allows you to phase Severum or Gravitum, Gravitum allows you to phase Infernum or Crescendum, etc.) 

You'll notice that your chosen weapon won't appear in your hand immediately (you've gotta give Alune time to ship it to you). Instead, you'll need to play two other cards (or wait until Round Start if your Aphelios is leveled up), for your weapon to appear.

So what if I don't have a phased weapon after I play two cards?

If you complete the two-card requirement, but you don't have a weapon phased and ready, you'll get a random Moon Weapon instead. Why leave these things to chance though? Make the most of Aphelios by planning ahead and using his Moon Weapons in the best situations.


Aphelios Levels Up


Aphelios starts off as a +3|+3 Targonian champion. When his Nightfall synergy is triggered, you can pick a Moon Weapon for your hand. If you've played two cards and you don't have a Moon Weapon already, you'll create a Phased weapon. Aphelios will level up once you've cast 4+ Moon Weapons.

Once he's leveled up, Aphelios gains Quick Attack AND your Moon Weapons now cost less. 

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