How to Unlock Champions | The Path of Champions

Legends of Runeterra Player Support - The Champion Select screen in the Path of Champions, showing locked and unlocked champions.

Jinx will be the only unlocked champion when you first play The Path of Champions, but you can unlock the rest using Champion Fragments.

Jhin's image from the Champion Select screen, with a lock over it to show that he hasn't been unlocked.

To unlock a champion:

  • Select the champion you want to unlock from the Roster.
  • Click Unlock under the Champion Card.
    Jhin's champion card on the his Details screen with the UNLOCK button under it.
  • You'll need 30 of the chosen champion's Fragments to unlock them. If you have enough, click the button showing the Fragment amount and voilà! The champion is yours. Don't have enough Fragments? You can earn more through quests, Champion Campaigns, and World Adventures!
    Jhin's icon showing he is Champion Level 1, with text under stating: Unlock with Jhin Fragments. Under the text is a button with the Fragments icon and the number 30.

Once unlocked, you can start that champion's Campaign or use them in World Adventures.

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