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Explore Runeterra as your favorite champion in Champion Campaigns! 

The Basics

Each champion in The Path of Champions has a unique Champion Campaign filled with several adventures to complete. With each completed Campaign adventure, they earn tailored rewards and can unlock more Campaign Adventures to traverse. 

Since Jinx is your first and only champion available when you start The Path of Champions, you'll begin with Jinx's Campaign. In fact, the first few encounters here act as a tutorial, where you'll learn gameplay basics as you journey through Piltover & Zaun. 

Legends of Runeterra Player Support - The Path of Champions encounters map.

Unlike World Adventures, Champion Campaigns are unique for each champion and have their own champion-specific rewards. That means only Jinx can play through Jinx's Campaign and only Yasuo can play through Yasuo's campaign.

Keep in mind that you can only have one adventure of any kind in progress at a time. You won't be able to start another until you've finished your current run. If you try to start a concurrent adventure, you'll see this:

A message that appears in LoR when you cannot play an adventure. It reads ADVENTURE LOCKED ANOTHER RUN IS ALREADY IN PROGRESS.

Unlocking Campaigns

Each time you unlock a champion, you unlock their Campaign. So if you unlock Yasuo, you'll have immediate access to Yasuo's Campaign. Not sure how to unlock champions? We have a guide for that!

Campaign Adventures

Each Champion Campaign has multiple Adventures to play through of varying difficulties and unlock requirements.

Since you'll be starting down The Path of Champions with Jinx, let's use her Campaign as an example.

Once you complete Jinx's first Campaign Adventure, you can find her next one by going to the Adventure Journal in the bottom right of the World Map (highlighted below).

The Path of Champions World Map with a red box around the Adventure Journal icon, a small closed book, in the bottom right corner.

The Adventure Journal shows your in progress and completed Champion Campaign Adventures and World Adventures.

The Adventure Journal open, showing current and completed adventures.

The top of the Journal shows your progress in your currently selected champion's Campaign. You can click any of the nodes in this area to be brought to that Campaign Adventure on the World Map.

Unlocking Campaign Adventures

Let's say you completed Jinx's first Campaign Adventure and wanted to go on to her next one.

A crop of the Campaign section of the Adventure Journal.

Even though her first Adventure has been completed, her second one is still locked! What gives?? If you click on the locked node, you'll be brought to that Adventure on the World Map, where you'll find its unlock requirements:

An in-game warning stating why an adventure is locked. It says ADVENTURE LOCKED Reach 2 Stars with Jinx and beat their first adventure to unlock.

Each Adventure will clearly state what you'll have to do to unlock it. For Jinx's next Adventure, you not only have to beat the first one, but you need to bring her to 2 Stars. You can learn more about Champion Stars here.

Choosing Your Champion

Your chosen champion's tale unravels as you go from encounter to encounter in each Campaign Adventure. But before you get there, you'll have to decide which champion you want to play.

First, go to the Champions screen from the World Map (highlighted below).

The Path of Champions World Map with the Champions icon, an ancient helmet, highlighted.

The Champions screen shows all the champions available in the game thus far (with more to come!).

The Champions screen, showing locked and unlocked champions.

It also shows each champion's lock status, the number of Fragments you need to unlock or upgrade each champion, and if a champion is ready to be upgraded.

Next, click on a champion to be brought to their Details screen:

Yasuo's champion details screen.

Here, you can view their Champion Level and Stars, Relics, and other details. Click Play Adventure beneath the Champion Card to select that champion.

You'll be brought back to the World Map, where your next Campaign Adventure's location will be highlighted with a powerful glowing effect.

The Ionia icon on the World Map, glowing gold to show there are adventures there to continue.

Enter that region to begin or continue your journey!


The rewards screen that appears after copmleting an adventure, showing Champion XP, Legend Points, and a Cosmic Vault as rewards.

Any attempt at a Campaign Adventure is rewarded with Champion XP based on how far you get in your run. So even if you don't make it through to the end, you'll at least be rewarded for the progress you made. If you complete a Campaign Adventure, you'll be handsomely rewarded with a variety of loot, including:

The End of an Adventure

An example of the screen that pops up when a player completes an adventure, showing the player's rank and other information.

Once you've finished your Campaign Adventure run, you'll be treated to a screen like the one above. It includes stats like the amount of Health you ended the adventure with, if you used any rerolls, and how long it took to finish.

If you won the Adventure, you'll receive a rank based on your remaining health. You'll also receive a badge to commemorate your achievement, so you can compare your progress to future runs with the same or other champions.

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