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Are you ready to take on the world? Face challenges across the realms of Runeterra with a variety of champions, unlocking more difficult adventures as you go. Complete each adventure multiple times for greater rewards and to continue earning the XP needed to level up your champions. Ready to set sail? Then let's begin! 

The Basics

World Adventures are available in the Path of Champions once you've completed the tutorial. You can see which World Adventures are available by clicking a region node on the World Map.Legends of Runeterra Player Support - The Path of Champions World Map.

Unlike Champion Campaigns, any champion can be used to play a World Adventure any number of times. No matter which champion you choose, the adventure doesn't change, and you'll always earn CXP for your attempt – win or lose.

Want a quick look at your journey so far? Click the book icon in the bottom right of the World Map.

Close up of the bottom right corner of the World Map, with the Adventuer Journal icon - a closed book - highlighted.

This will bring you to the Adventure Journal, where you can view your in-progress and completed Champion Campaign adventures and World Adventures.

The Adventure Journal menu opened, showing in-progess and completed Campaign and World Adventures.

You can click any of the rows under World Adventures to be brought to that adventure on the World Map.

Unlocking World Adventures

A warning stating ADVENTURE LOCKED Complete all requirements in a 1-Star World Adventure to unlock.

Once you've completed the Path of Legends tutorial, you'll be able to play the first World Adventures. To unlock World Adventures of higher difficulties, you’ll have to complete at least one World Adventure from the previous tier. So, to unlock 1.5-Star World Adventures, for example, you’ll have to first complete all requirements in a 1-Star World Adventure.

World Adventure Completion Requirements

The Machine Herald World Adventure menu open, showing details for copmleting the adventure, rewards, and difficulty. Features an image of Victor holding a staff with Hextech energy surging out of it like lightning.

To complete a World Adventure, you’ll need to win using champions that fit the requirements under the Completion section. The one shown above has three slots to beat.

A close-up of the Completion requirements from the World Adventure Menu showing 3 slots - one for any champion, one for a Bilgewater champion, and one for a Noxus champion.

The first slot can be beaten by using any champion. The second and third slots, however, require you to use a champion from Bilgewater and one from Noxus, respectively.

When attempting a run, be sure to choose your champion wisely, as you can only beat one slot at a time and each champion can only fulfill one slot – even if the requirements overlap. Also, if a champion fulfills the requirements for an empty regional slot, it will count towards that slot first.

So if you first beat this adventure with Darius, for example, it will count towards the Noxus slot, since that’s his region. Now, since Darius filled the Noxus slot, he won’t be able to fill another one – even if you beat the adventure with him again. Let’s say you beat the adventure with Annie next. She’s from Noxus, but you’ve already filled that slot with Darius, so she’ll fill the slot that can use a champ from any region. Once you’ve beaten all 3 slots, you’ll have completed this Adventure!

Each World Adventure is different, and has different completion requirements. Some will have one slot, others two slots, and others still three slots. Plus, future World Adventures may have even more!

While you can use any champion to play a World Adventure, you won’t be contributing to its completion unless you win with a champion that fits one of the slots. This means you may have to beat some World Adventures multiple times with various champions to complete it.


The Rewards page shown when copmleting an adventure. This one has Champion XP, Legend Points, and a Cosmic Vault.

Any attempt with any champion will always earn CXP based on how far you get. So even if you don't make it through to the end, you'll at least be rewarded for the progress you made.

For each slot you beat, you'll receive a bundle of rewards that can include:

  • Legend Points
  • Cosmic Vaults
  • Relics
  • Champion Fragments

The End of an Adventure

The Adventure Results screen shown after completing an adventure, showing the player's rank, deck, and stats from the end of the run.

Once you've finished your World Adventure run, you'll be treated to a screen like the one above. It includes stats like the amount of Health you ended the adventure with, if you used any rerolls, and how long it took to finish.

If you won the Adventure, you'll receive a rank based on your remaining health. You'll also receive a badge to commemorate your achievement, so you can compare your progress to future runs with the same or other champions.

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