Champion Fragments | The Path of Champions

The further you venture down The Path of Champions, the more perilous the passage. If you're going to face ever-more-fearsome foes and vanquish the vilest villains, you'll need all the help you can get! That's where Champion Fragments come in.

Legends of Runeterra Player Support - The Champion Fragments icon below Jinx's icon. Together they represent Jinx Fragments.

Champion Fragments are resources in The Path of Champions that are unique to each champion. That means Jinx needs Jinx Fragments, Lux needs Lux Fragments, and so on. You'll need Champion Fragments if you want to:

How to Get Champion Fragments

A Cosmic Vault from The Path of Champions.

Champion Fragments are found in Cosmic Vaults. You can get Cosmic Vaults by:

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