Champions of the Freljord


Frozen Fortitude


The champions of the Freljord must utilize their hearty constitutions to outlast their enemies and defend their allies. Will this fractured frontier come together to seize victory? Learn more about Freljord’s champions below: 

Anivia: The Cryophoenix

Death is only the beginning.



Ashe: The Frost Archer

Iceborn warmother of the Avarosa.



Braum: The Heart of the Freljord

The shield of his people.


  • Braum levels up after he's survived a total of 10 damage.


Tryndamere: The Barbarian King

Ice cannot cool a raging heart.


  • Tryndamere levels up instead of dying.
    • Certain cards kill a unit to revive it when summoned. As Tryndamere’s level up condition is “If I would die, I level up instead,” these abilities do not create a second Tryndamere. Instead, Tryndamere will just level up.


Sejuani: The Winter's Wrath

Shatter your enemies.


  • Sejuani levels up when you've damaged the enemy Nexus in 5 different rounds.


Trundle: The Troll King

One Troll to rule them all!


  • Trundle levels up once he’s seen you play an Ice Pillar.

Lissandra: The Ice Witch

What secrets lurk beneath the ice?


  • Lissandra levels up when you've summoned 2+ allies that cost 8+.
    • When she levels up, it creates a Watcher in your hand.


If you’ve a heart strong enough to survive the brutality of the north, Freljord may be the region for you. However, Freljord need not stand alone. 


Explore the other regions of Runeterra.

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