Secrets of the Ascended


Though many Aspects represent the magical, often celestial, forces throughout Runeterra, the Ascended of Shurima exist apart. These God-Warriors use the Sun Disc of Shurima to go beyond their mortal selves, gaining new abilities and increased might.

But what does that!

AzirNasus, and Renekton are all Ascended beings in Legends of Runeterra, which means that should you restore the Sun Disc, these three champions will level up once more, beyond their standard level up. Ascension, indeed!

So how do I repair the Sun Disc?

Buried_Sun_Disc_04SH062.png Restored_Sun_Disc_04SH062T1.png


The Buried Sun Disc is a Landmark you can play in-game. Once you do, a countdown begins. Should your Buried Sun Disc survive 25 rounds of play, it will become restored, allowing Azir, Nasus, and Renekton to ascend! However, magic is a mysterious force, and some cards may even be able to speed up the countdown, bringing you that much closer to ascended power.

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