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Walk in the footsteps of your favorite champion in The Path of Champions, Legends of Runeterra's PVE adventure mode. Traverse Runeterra, conquer enemies, earn and equip powerful Relics, and upgrade your champion like never before to take on brand new challenges. Intrigued? Then read on for all you need to know to go down The Path of Champions!

Entering The Path of Champions

The Path of Champions unlocks once you've completed Legends of Runeterra's overall tutorial. If you've already done that, you're ready to jump into the adventure! You can find The Path of Champions by going to Play and selecting Labs.

Legends of Runeterra Play menu on the Labs page where you can play The Path of Champions.

You won't be going through your first playthrough alone - Jinx will guide you through some introductory encounters with a small premade deck.  If you've previously completed the Path of Champions tutorial, you'll be able to skip it this time around. Once completed, you'll gain access to the full Path of Champions experience and the World Map.

The World Map

All of Runeterra, right at your fingertips! The World Map acts as your hub, where you can select your champion, navigate the regions of Runeterra, and jump into World Adventures or a Champion Campaign.

The Path of Champions' World Map


What's The Path of Champions without, well, champions? You can find all of the currently available champions by navigating to the Champions button in the bottom right hand corner of the World Map -- the one that looks like a helmet!

The Path of Champions' Champion Select screen.

The Champions screen shows all the champions available in the game thus far (with more to come!). Jinx will be the only one unlocked when you first play The Path of Champions, but you can unlock the rest using Champion Fragments. How? Check out our guide to find out!

World Adventures and Champion Campaigns

An example of an adventure map in The Path of Champions.

There are a couple of modes to choose from when playing The Path of Champions -  you can either seek glory in World Adventures or follow a champion's distinct story in their Champion Campaign.

World Adventures

World Adventures see your champions traverse Runeterra from the seedy ports of Bilgewater to the noble towers of Demacia. Each adventure has specific requirements to fulfill before they can be completed, so you'll need to use every champion at your disposal to conquer them all. Give our World Adventures article a look for more details.

Champion Campaigns

Each champion in The Path of Champions has a unique Champion Campaign filled with several adventures to complete. As your champion finishes Campaign adventures, they earn tailored rewards and can unlock more Campaign Adventures to traverse. Check out our our article on Champion Campaigns for a deeper look.

Legend Level

The Legend Level icon.

Your Legend Level acts as your account level and gives a visual representation of the progress you've made in The Path of Champions. Each time you level up you'll also get a sweet upgrade! You can find a full rundown here.

Champion Levels and Stars

An infographic explaining Champion Levels and Champion Stars.

As you progress through The Path of Champions, you'll find bigger and badder foes standing in your way. To face these escalating challenges, your champions must become even stronger. Enter: Champion Levels and Stars! You can find the basics of these systems below. Go here for a more comprehensive look!

Champion Levels

An image showing the Champion Level emblem for Jinx.

Power up your champs by earning Champion XP and taking them to the next level! As your champions gain levels, they'll earn deck upgrades, items, Relic slots, and more. Learn more here!


An image of a 2-Star Jinx emblem.

Use Champion Fragments to grant your champions Stars to award them game-changing Star Powers! Get the details here!

Champion Fragments

A Jinx icon with the Champion Fragment icon beneath it.

Champion Fragments are resources that are unique to each champion. That means Jinx needs Jinx Fragments, Lux needs Lux Fragments, and so on. To learn more on how to use Fragments and where you can find them, check out our guide.


The Relics screen with a Jinx champion card.

Relics are items your champions can equip that provide them with upgraded stats and passive abilities. Check out our Relics article to learn where to find them, how to equip them, and more.

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