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Amidst the joy of a perfect spell stack and the terror of a meta-busting control deck, the competitive spirit of LoR is thriving. What better way to celebrate that fighting spirit than with the announcement of Seasonal Tournaments. The Open Rounds of the first Seasonal Tournament will take place following Monuments of Power on December 6th, 2020, with the Playoffs on December 13th 2020. Be sure to check out the full rundown of Seasonal Tournaments here.

What are Seasonal Tournaments?

As a wise man once said, "the cream of the crop rises to the top," and the top of Legends of Runeterra is Seasonal Tournaments. Think of it like a proving ground to test the best the world (and Runeterra) has to offer. Each Seasonal Tournament will be supported in-game, too!

How often are Seasonal Tournaments?

Seasonal Tournaments will be happening roughly every two months, tying in with the end of each season.

How many players can compete in a tournament?

During each End of Season, 1024 players will be picked from each of the four LoR regions: the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

How can I compete in a Seasonal Tournament?!

Ready to rumble? There are two ways to qualify for a tournament: Ranked and Gauntlets.


If you're one of the top 700 Ranked players in your region, you'll automatically qualify for the tournament. Congrats!


If you're one of the first 324 players to achieve 7 wins in the high-stakes Last Chance Gauntlet, you could earn a spot in that season's tournament.

What's the Last Chance Gauntlet?

The Last Chance Gauntlet often represents the last chance to earn your place in a Seasonal Tournament. Here's how they work:

  • You'll need 7 wins on your very first attempt at a Weekly Gauntlet to achieve Prime Glory.
  • Each Prime Glory you earn during a season (up to 5) counts as an automatic win in a Last Chance Gauntlet.
  • Now you'll just need to be one of the first to complete the Last Chance Gauntlet with 7 wins to earn your spot in the tournament.

The tl;dr is Prime Glories are your friends. The more you have, the better your tournament odds.

How are the Seasonal Tournaments structured?

Seasonal Tournaments take place in two distinct stages. The Open Rounds begins with 5 Swiss Rounds of Best of 3 to determine the top 32 players. These 32 contenders will advance to the Playoffs a week later to compete in a single-elimination bracket.

Tell me more about Tournament rules.

Competitors will bring three different decks with no duplicated champions, no duplicated region combinations, and no more than one deck without any champions at all. It's 40 cards to a deck, from up to 2 regions, and they can have up to 3 copies of any individual card, as well as up to 6 champions total.

Pretty standard, so far, but here's the catch: players ban one of their opponent’s decks before the matches begin! Not only that, but if you win, you can't use that winning deck again.

While a loss in the Open Rounds does mean you won't move on to the Playoffs, competitors can keep playing for an exclusive card back only available to those that get 3 wins throughout the tournament.

How long does each round last?

The tournament rounds have a max total time limit of 75 minutes. A round begins with a Tournament Challenge, and you’ll have up to 5 minutes to accept the challenge. Upon accepting, you'll be taken into the tournament lobby, where you can check out your opponent's decks until the 5 minutes is up, and then the ban phase begins. Once bans are set, you will have 60 minutes of game time to beat your opponent. If the clock hits 00:00, and there's still a game in session, we'll have 5 minutes of high-adrenaline overtime before the game, and match, is brought to a close, and the winner is declared. After that, there will be a 5-minute break before the next Tournament Challenge is issued and the next match begins.

What if a qualifying player decides not to participate? Can I take their spot?

You could! There'll be a waitlist for each shard made up of all the Master-ranked players (300 spots), as well as anyone who has earned a Prime Glory in the Last Chance Gauntlet (700 spots). If you're on the waitlist, and a player drops out, your lobby will update accordingly.

Wait! I've got more questions!

And we've got some answers. You can check out more on Seasonal Tournaments here, and keep an eye out on the main site for more updates.

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