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Human beings are social creatures by nature, and that doesn’t change once you get in-game. Social sign-ins allow all the social accounts you have already to be used to connect to your Riot Account and, by extension, all the Riot Games. However, social sign-ins need a bit of explaining, since we want to make sure that all your information is where it should be. That means it’s time for an FAQ.

So what exactly is a social sign-in?

Social sign-ins allow a player (that’s you) to use your information from a 3rd party company, like Facebook for example, to both sign into a Riot game as well as connect to your existing Riot Account. For new players, this is a quick and easy way to use your existing social sign-ins to create a Riot Account, and for our veteran players, this gives you more options should you prefer a particular sign-in method.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I use a social sign-in instead of my Riot Account, Rito?” The answer is that your information from various social platforms means that your information is pre-verified. While this won’t make a major difference if you already have a Riot Account, signing in this way is a great option if you’re a newer player.

What are the different social platforms I can use to sign in?

You can sign in through the following methods:

  • Android: Google Sign-In and Facebook Login
  • iOS: Sign in with Apple and Facebook Login
  • Desktop: Google Sign-In, Sign in with Apple, and Facebook Login

Tell me more about Game Center.

Game Center is Apple’s OG gaming platform. However, because Game Center is tied to your device, we cannot fully support or connect it to your Riot Account. While you can still use this method to sign in (for TFT and LoR specifically), it may prevent our ability to support any issues that may emerge with your account. You also won’t be able to access your account information on the web, so please keep that in mind.

When do I link to my existing Riot Account?

You will be prompted to link to an existing Riot Account during the account sign-in process when you first access the social sign-in option. Since it will all be tied to your Riot Account, and the associated email, you can actually have multiple social platforms tied to a single Riot Account!

What information do I have to provide while creating an account?

Creating an account is super simple! All you’ll need to provide us with some information, including your email and date of birth. This helps you by making your account unique (i.e. much safer).

I already have an account through Social Sign-In! Do I still need to do anything?

You may be prompted to provide some additional information, specifically if you’ve used Google Sign-in and Game Center, but don’t worry! We’re just working to help secure your account so you can play across any of the games’ platforms, be it PC or mobile.

I can’t access my social sign-in! What do I do?

If you’re unable to access your social sign-in information, you’ll need to contact the social platform tied to that information (Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.). If you are unable to access your Riot Account, please /submit a ticket below.

How do I delete my social sign-in information?

If you need to delete your social sign-in information for any reason, please /submit a ticket at the bottom of this page and select the form data deletions/requests.

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