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Starting with patch 2.19, the only Labs experience available is the Path of Champions PvE adventure mode. For more information on this update, please see this article.

Launching at record velocities and as unbreakable as thermodynamics, are you ready for an extraordinary set of experiments?! If you said yes, then chances are you’re channeling your inner Heimerdinger just in time for Labs. We’re not talking chemistry class here, friends. We’ve deduced that a new game mode is coming to Legends of Runeterra.

Purpose: What are Labs?

In the true spirit of the Renowned Inventor himself, Labs are experimental game modes. We’ll hypothesize something fun, and you’ll be the perfect test subj-- we mean… collaborators to ensure a successful outcome.

Labs will be on a rotating schedule and will pay tribute to the spirit of experimentation. You can play against strangers or challenge friends, for all are welcome in the name of SCIENCE!

Research: When are Labs?


The very first Lab, ARAM, makes its debut on July 8th, 2020 and will run until July 22nd, 2020. Like all Labs, once those two weeks are up, it’ll switch over to a new Lab. You can keep up to date with more details on each Lab over in the patch notes.

Hypothesis: WHY are Labs?


Our hypothesis suggests… because they’re fun! Plus, we love getting feedback from you all. This allows us to come up with new hypotheses which, you guessed it, makes for even more experimental Labs!

Experiment: Let’s talk about ARAM


ARAM is our very first Lab. We wanted to capture the bombastic pace of ARAM (All Random, All Mid) and put it in a card game. For those unfamiliar with the term, ARAM comes from the League of Legends mode where a random assortment of champions head down a single lane. While there aren’t lanes in LoR of course, we still wanted to capture that same adrenaline rush. So, we teeter on some mad science sometimes, but that’s what makes it fun.

You’ll be given a random selection of champions at the start of the game (which you can replace like any normal starting hand as you see fit). Your starting hand matters a bit more than usual, because your deck will be determined by the champions you chose!

The game will proceed as per usual, but you’ll receive two extra cards and three mana at the start AND any defeated champions will respawn in your deck!

Let’s see how these extra variables shake up your strategy.

Data: Rewards

Of course you’ll be rewarded for your foray into scientific stratagems. You’ll receive the standard XP allotment of course, but keep an eye out for two new daily quests that will award 1000 XP for playing and 1500 XP for a win in ARAM!


Labs represent our third foray into unique LoR game modes, and we hope this experimental addition continues to stoke the fires of your gameplay invention. Ah, the sweet smell of science!

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