Gauntlets FAQ

Ready to test your strats and stretch your brain? It's time for a new game mode cause Gauntlets has arrived in Legends of Runeterra. We're guessing you've got a couple questions, so let's dive straight into it.

So, what are Gauntlets exactly?

Aside from cool gloves that every Demacian envies, Gauntlets in LoR represent a new competitive game mode focused on unique deck-building rules. Here's how it works. Gauntlets will be on a rotation, going live every weekend and lasting for about four days each. With each new Gauntlet, a new set of rules will be revealed, pushing your brain to the rapid-fire limit. To start, there will be two sets of rules, Singleton and Standard. While we will be alternating back and forth between those two, more may come in future. Once one Gauntlet ends, your brain can take a break until the weekend rolls around, bringing a whole new set of rules and challenges to your waiting stratagems.


Well, what do I get out of it?


Fun! But also, rewards. You didn't think we wouldn't reward you for all your awesome gameplay, did ya? If you participate in a given Gauntlet, you'll receive a special icon! Not only that, but if you make it to seven wins, you'll earn the exclusive Gauntlet Conqueror icon. Like all that we do, this process is iterative, so expect some other cool rewards down the line.

Gimme those gameplay deets!


At the start of each Gauntlet, you'll be locking in a deck. Then you play! Your Gauntlet will end one of three ways. The first way is that you win seven matches in a row! After that, you have defeated the Gauntlet (congrats!), and you can soak in the glory till the next one starts. The Gauntlet can also end in loss. If you lose two consecutive matches or if you lose your match at round 6, your run is done. Don't despair, because another Gauntlet is right around the corner.


Keep in mind that once your deck is locked, any cards within it will be marked as used (that matters if you're ever curious about refunds, by the way). 

And XP?

Of course XP! Aside from the standard XP distribution (100 XP max for Victory, 50 XP for a lost match, and 0 XP for 0 wins), you'll earn bonus XP based on how far you get within the Gauntlet.  That breaks down like so (handy math included):

  • 0 wins: 0 XP
  • 1 win: 50 XP
  • 2 wins: 150 XP
  • 3 wins: 400 XP
  • 4 wins: 500 XP
  • 5 wins: 750 XP
  • 6 wins: 800 XP
  • 7 wins: 1100 XP

So how many times can I play?

As many as you want! You can play to your heart's content within the 4 day Gauntlet period to get to those seven wins. Even after you win, you can keep gaining XP so long as the Gauntlet is active.


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