Rested XP

A new set is out, and it got us thinking. Do you wanna make your steady trek through all the Regions in Runeterra, or do you want to rocket your way to the top? Sorry-not-sorry, but we took a leaf out of Jinx's book and assumed you'd want the latter. That means its time to welcome our new set with a bangLet's talk about Rested XP.

It's actually pretty simple! Whether you're feeling like a Noxian soldier or you've barely taken your first step into the Mist of the Shadow Isles, players will receive bonus XP for the first 12 levels in the Set 1 Reward Roads. This is so those of you who may be new to a region have the chance to get to the new stuff a bit quicker (no one gets left behind). Now, if you're an expert in a given region (meaning past Level 12), you'll be awarded the normal amount of XP.

Remember, this will only apply to the Region Reward content from Set 1, Levels 1 through 12. Once you've completed all the OG goodness, your XP will revert to normal, and the bonus won’t apply to Bilgewater since it’s brand new!

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