What's in the Vault?

So you probably know everything about Vaults and how to open them in Legends of Runeterra, but it's pretty fair to say that it's what's inside the Vaults that matters most. Worry not, my card-wielding friend. Here's the quick rundown of what you're getting every time you open a new Vault. 

Level XP Rewards
1 0 chest_generic_bronze.pngchest_generic_bronze.pngchest_generic_bronze.png
2 1000 chest_generic_bronze.pngchest_generic_bronze.pngchest_generic_silver.png  expeditions_token.png
3 2000 chest_generic_bronze.pngchest_generic_silver.pngchest_generic_silver.png  expeditions_token.png
4 3000 chest_generic_bronze.pngchest_generic_silver.pngchest_generic_golden.png token_and_card.jpg
5 4000 chest_generic_silver.pngchest_generic_silver.pngchest_generic_golden.png token_and_card.jpg 
6 5000 chest_generic_silver.pngchest_generic_golden.pngchest_generic_golden.png token_and_card.jpg
7 7000 chest_generic_golden.pngchest_generic_golden.pngchest_generic_golden.png token_and_card.jpg
8 9000 chest_generic_golden.pngchest_generic_golden.pngchest_generic_platinum.png token_and_card.jpg
9 11000 chest_generic_golden.pngchest_generic_platinum.pngchest_generic_platinum.png token_and_card.jpg
10 13000 chest_generic_platinum.pngchest_generic_platinum.pngchest_generic_platinum.png champ_token.jpg
11 17000 chest_generic_platinum.pngchest_generic_platinum.pngchest_generic_diamond.png champ_token.jpg
12 21000 chest_generic_platinum.pngchest_generic_diamond.pngchest_generic_diamond.png champ_token.jpg
13 25000 chest_generic_diamond.pngchest_generic_diamond.pngchest_generic_diamond.png champ_token.jpg
14+ 4500    Loot_BonusCapsule.png = rare_cardback.jpg x3 card.jpg x2

It's always good to pop back to this page from time to time in case we ever decide to shake up what's inside the Vaults. Now get in there and get those sweet, sweet rewards!

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