Unique Card Interactions - Troop of Elnuks


Ah, the mighty Elnuk. These tough tundra tanks can easily overwhelm your enemies if you play your cards right (literally). The Troop of Elnuks in particular can be devastating if your deck is full of these furry furies. 

However, it's important to take a deeper look into the mechanics at play behind the Troop's mechanic. As it states, Troop of Elnuks will "Summon each Elnuk in the top 10 cards of your deck" whenever the card is put into play. Sounds simple enough right? 

Well, let's say you've got a whopping four Elnuks in those top 10 cards. That's great and all (and pretty scary for your opponent), but what happens to the other six cards? Thanks to the wonders of technology, those six non-Elnuk cards will be popped back into your deck in a random order.

"But isn't that just shuffling the deck?" you may be asking, but the answer is nope! A true shuffle would rearrange your entire unrevealed deck. This simply places those six cards back throughout the unaltered deck randomly

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