Known Issue - Silverwing Vanguard

The might of Demacia reigns in the skies as well as on the field, but the strategy of the Silverwing Vanguard seems to be experiencing some textual confusion that we'd like to clear up before you next head into battle. The current text states that when the Silverwing Vanguard is summoned, it will create an exact copy of itself. The only problem is that it does create an exact copy in text, meaning the second Vanguard would theoretically summon another copy of itself, on and on for eternity. Since we're not trying to create a paradox, the card is indeed functioning as intended. The Silverwing Vanguard summons exactly one other copy, and while this clone has the same Challenger Keyword, health, and power, it does not summon further copies as the text implies. We are working to improve the clarity of this card's effect, but until then, just know the Silverwing Vanguard is working the way it should (even if the text says otherwise).


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