Fixing Incorrect Region of Residence or Shard

We are aware of a small subset of Riot accounts with an incorrectly set Region of Residence in Legends of Runeterra. While there are several reasons why this could happen (your account was previously transferred or compromised, or you’ve moved since we set it for you automatically), we are hoping to help any players negatively impacted by issues regarding their Region or Shard.

If you fall into the above category and have an incorrectly set Region of Residence, we can currently assist you in one of two ways:

You can choose to transfer now, during the Beta, which will result in a loss of progress. We recognize that this is not ideal, so we are working towards unlocking a second option -- if you decide to wait until LoR sees its full launch, your progress will be retained and transferred over to your correct Region of Residence and Shard.

There are pros and cons to either option. Losing progress results in immediate ability to play with your friends and successfully make purchases, while waiting will guarantee your current progress is saved.

We will be updating this article as we get closer to the full launch with any relevant information, but if you’d like to transfer now, and your current progress in LoR is not important to you, we recommend Submitting a Ticket below.

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