Matchmaking Failed - Guardian Issue

Issues in-game are never fun, especially when they center around the Store and purchases you've made. Hopefully this article can help prevent any such issues or provide a solution if the issue has already occurred.

What went wrong?

You've gone to equip a guardian, let's say a friendly Poro. Completely overwhelmed by its alarming cuteness, you go and click refund in your purchase history. While the refund is processing, you force close the game, realizing that you did indeed want to keep your Poro close at hand. 

This process of refunding an equipped guardian, but then force closing the game, can create an issue where you can no longer get in game at all!

What should I do?

If the conditions for the error are met, you'll be unable to play against anyone until you go and equip a guardian that you own. This should disable the popup error message that will display and allow you to get back on the board.

What if that doesn't work?

If you've tried the troubleshooting fix above (equipping one of your guardians), and you still receive a Matchmaking Error, please Submit a Ticket below, and we will work towards getting you back in-game.

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