Loss Prevention in Legends of Runeterra

Sometimes, bad things happen. While we can’t anticipate everything, we will do our best to fix it. Loss Prevention is a feature in Legends of Runeterra that forgives a loss a player receives outside of their control. When an issue affects a large number of players all at once, a compensation mode is activated which enables loss prevention. This way, if it’s something on our end, you won’t be unduly punished for it.

What is Compensation Mode?

This mode is activated when LoR experiences server or system-wide issues. It essentially tries to prevent players from being punished for reasons beyond their control. While we can’t employ Loss Prevention for things like a bad wi-fi connection or outdated specs, we can absolutely take responsibility for something going wrong on our end.

  • Players will not receive a loss for their Trials.
  • All loss conditions will be treated equally (disconnect, surrender, etc.)
  • Winning a match will still count towards your Trial.
  • Players will receive all of the earned XP for the game.

How does this mode activate?

This mode only activates when a large number of players are being impacted on a system-wide scale. We hit something we call The Button… Umm, not to be confused with the in-game Button of course! We press The Button on our end to activate it for the platform. Compensation Mode cannot be retroactively enabled or turned on for a player on an individual basis.

What does hitting The Button mean?

This means that we've activated Compensation Mode. All impacted games will be marked as Loss Prevented.

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