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Use your wits and your well-crafted decks to climb through tiers and divisions against players of comparable skill in Legends of Runterra’s Ranked PVP mode.

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Tiers and Divisions

There are seven tiers in LoR’s rankings: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Within each tier, there are four divisions: IV, III, II, and I. The lower your division within a given tier, the closer you are to promotion! That means if you earn enough LP in Silver I you’ll be promoted to Gold IV, and so on.


You’ll be matched against an opponent who is as close to the same division as you as possible. If you’re playing in the Master tier, your MMR also plays a role in refining the matchmaking pool.

Promotion and Demotion

Each division consists of 100 LP (League Points). To promote, you need to win enough matches to reach 100 LP. Visually, this means filling up the circle on your rank emblem like the one below.

A Silver IV tier emblem with the LP circle half filled.

This circle represents the 100 LP you need to reach the next division. As you win matches, the circle in your emblem will fill with a glowing light. When you lose, you’ll see that glow retreat. 

You’ll be demoted from a division when you lose a game at 0 LP. As long as you have even 1 LP, you won’t be demoted.

Don’t worry about demoting from a tier—you can’t! Once you’ve earned your spot in a new tier, you’re there to stay. This gives you a bit of freedom to try out new strategies without worrying about losing your tier position.

Ranked Seasons and Rewards

Ranked seasons generally last around 2 months. As long as you’ve played at least one ranked game during a season, you'll receive a seasonal player icon and Prismatic rewards based on your rank.

An example of ranked season player icons from the Bandlewood season.

A chart of Prismatic ranked rewards players can earn in Legends of Runeterra.

Master Tier

If you’ve broken through Diamond, you’ll enter the Master tier. As of Patch 1.4, Master players are granted an initial amount of LP based on their MMR. 

LP gains and losses will be calculated based on the MMR of you and your opponent, and how much LP you have in comparison to other Master players. Regardless of how much LP you have, Master players reset to Platinum 4 with the start of each new season.

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