How Do I Change My Loadout?

Your loadout allows you to customize your Legends of Runeterra experience to the nines. From guardians to boards, roll into battle in style! It’s time to learn more about playing the game... in style!

First off, where can I get guardians and boards?

The store is your one-stop-shop for everything customizable… literally. Use Coins to purchase guardians, skins to dress them up, or boards to shake up the battlefield.

How do I see my loadout?

Head on over to your Collection, not the store (yeah, we know it’s weird). There, you’ll see tabs for each customizable feature. Clicking on any of these tabs will allow you view your current collection. By tapping on any of the owned items, you’ll open up more detailed information and be able to equip it.

Can I change my loadout outside the Collection tab?

Yes! You’ll also be able to edit your loadout as you queue up for a match. After you’ve chosen your deck, you can also pick a guardian to accompany on your glorious conquest, as well as chose the battlefield (by which we mean board) of your choice.

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