My Coin Total Has Changed... Help!

Welcome back, intrepid adventurers, to Legends of Runeterra! Things may look a little different around here, and that's all for the good! No more Preview Events. We've entered to world of the Beta (and the game has never been smoother). However, there's one change that may cause some alarm. I'm talking about your total Coins. 

If you remember this article, then you'll know we did a whole big reset at the end of the second Preview Event. That means any purchases you made were refunded and transformed back into Coins, but you'll notice that the total amount of your Coins is probably less. Before you muster an army of poros to show us what for, we encourage you to check out the Store as well. 

All prices in the Store have been lowered (yay). This means that we had to adjust the return of Coins to match these lower prices. That means you'll be able to buy everything you had before the reset.

We recognize that seeing a lower Coin amount is a totally valid cause for concern, so we just want to assure you that your purchasing power remains the same. So go in, rebuild your deck, and get in-game.

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