Inappropriate In-Game Names

Whether it's a player's in-game name or the name of a deck, you probably know an inappropriate name when you see it (or think of it). If you've got one, we'll flag it to be renamed. If you see one, report it after your game. If you're not sure whether a name crosses the line, Submit a Ticket below, and we'll check it out. Here's a rough list of what we consider inappropriate:

  • Names that suggest hate speech, slurs or profanity, either implicitly or explicitly.
  • Most names that invoke or refer to any historical, ethical, or political contexts.
  • Names containing insults, grotesque imagery, and strong vulgarity.

Just because you're not offended by a name doesn't mean it's not offensive. References, puns, and wordplay are all great, but if they're attempts at sneaking in some offensive language, we'll flag it. If we change your name, and you don't think it was offensive, let us know, and we'll talk.

If we do require you to change your name, make sure to choose wisely! Repeated reports will result in a penalty to your account, so make sure to pick appropriate names at all times.

Special Characters in Deck Names

If you try to input a special character in your in-game name that isn't allowed, we'll let you know, but your deck names are a little trickier. In order to avoid any penalties or bugs related to deck names, be sure to check out this article here.

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