Bonds of Kalista

The Spear of Vengeance is a lot of things. Driven, dedicated, and down to lay some hurt upon her enemies. One thing we hope she isn’t, however, is confusing, so it’s time to talk about Kalista’s bonding mechanic.

We’re going to take a look at the following cards: Kalista at Level 1, The Undying, and Kalista at Level 2.


When you play Kalista at Level 1, she creates a bond with the ally of your choosing.

  • If the bonded ally dies, the bond is broken.
    • This is where The Undying comes in. The above holds true even for cards that can come back from the grave on their own (or that are brought back via spells).
    • The Undying comes back every round, but by dying just once, the bond is broken.
      Champions or units that are killed and revived by a spell are no longer bonded to Kalista.

Kalista leveling up shakes up her mechanic. At Level 2, each time she attacks, her bonded ally is revived, and the bond is reforged!

As you can imagine, this has the potential to create some interesting scenarios if used in conjunction with revival mechanics.

  • For example, if a card like The Undying was bonded to Kalista, dies, and then revives due to its own effect, an attacking Level 2 Kalista will summon & bond with a second copy of The Undying.
    • This can lead to multiple copies of various cards, from The Undying to other champions, to any other unit! Have fun thinking of all the possibilities! 


If you have 6 units and attack with Kalista Level 2, the re-summoned unit will fizzle and fail to bond, as the copy has no space on the board. If you’re curious as to Maximum Card limits, check out the article here.

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