It's a Draw! - Tie Games in Legends of Runeterra

We know that there's nothing quite like the sweet, sweet taste of victory, just like there's nothing so bitter as the sting of defeat. However, sometimes the scales are neither with you nor against you and so we a draw. 


Let's start with what a tie is not.

Just because you've assembled an amazing spell stack, ready to lay some hurt on your opponent, that doesn't mean your victory is assured. Whether it's Fiora achieving her win condition, or a burst spell going off before your fast and slow ones can respond, if a player wins due to the order of action resolution, they win, plain and simple.

How do you even end in a tie?

When it comes to LoR, a tie is a feat in itself! Normally, either you or your opponent has to watch as their Nexus health dwindles down faster than my patience with an enemy Teemo. However, either through spells or trickery, there are ways for both Nexuses to crumble simultaneously. 

Since we've already mentioned him, let's take a look at everyone's favorite pintsized menace: Teemo and his puffcaps. Scarra is about to see what happens when you fight fire with fire...or rather, mushrooms with mushrooms. 

It's rare, but as you've seen, yes Scarra. This can happen! A tie can only be brought about by a single action taking out the health of both Nexuses simultaneously

So, what happens when you tie?

Even though it's not as satisfying as a victory, you still earn 25 XP for tying with your opponent. A consolation prize is still a prize, after all.

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