Prologue Road

It's a long and winding...path to victory, but everyone needs to start somewhere. What better place than at the beginning? It's time to talk about Prologue Roads.


When you first embark on your Runeterran quest, you'll encounter four beginning tutorials. These are designed to show you the game basics and get you playing ASAP. However, LoR is a game that's easy to learn and difficult to master, so we've provided further tutorials to start introducing you to the regions and deeper game mechanics. As you progress through these additional instructional rounds (or start kicking butt against AI and players alike) you'll be earning rewards all the while as you head down the Prologue Road! 

After the Prologue Road is complete, we'll take a look at which regions you've been favoring throughout the tutorials, and activate a region based on those choices. Don't worry. You can always activate a different region at anytime. If you're curious to learn more about Region Reward Roads, click here


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