What Happens When I Disconnect From the Game?

There’s nothing worse than disconnecting from the valiant quest for victory that is a game of LoR. But, what exactly happens when you disconnect, and is it possible to hop back into the action?!

If you disconnect from the game for a brief period of time, don’t panic! If your internet connection reconnects quickly, you’ll go right back into the game (though you may have missed a turn or two depending on the time that’s elapsed).

However, if you’re disconnected for long enough, the match will be forfeited in favor of your opponent. If both players disconnect from the game for long enough, the game will end, and the loss will be granted to whomever disconnected first. 


The game is still going on when you're disconnected. This means that, even if you do reconnect, your opponent can still destroy your Nexus during any time that's elapsed. That's why it's best to make sure you have a stable connection, no matter what.

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