Oracle's Eye

“The Eye is blind to fear, to hate, to love – to all things that would sway equilibrium.”


Contrary to popular media, not all glowing, omnipotent eyeballs are bad. In fact, one little blue orb may just hold your key to victory in Legends of Runeterra. Enter Oracle's Eye.


As you can see, we’re about to lay some serious hurt on the Red Nexus. But how can this be? We haven’t attacked yet. The secret is a little bit of foresight.

The Oracle's Eye is the blue orb nestled in between the two Nexuses. Often encased in its metal sphere, the Eye opens when it can predict how your choices will play out in-game. Have a sequence of slow and fast spells lined up? See exactly how they’ll resolve. Wondering if Vladimir is going to kill the Nexus or your fellow units? The Crimson Reaper is no match for the all-seeing powers of Oracle's Eye. Just remember not to run the timer out as you explore all the possible scenarios!

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