Champions of Piltover & Zaun

Piltover & Zaun

Machinations and Mayhem



The champions of both Piltover and Zaun use their brilliance to outmaneuver their opponents, securing victory through clever machinations and volatile technologies. Learn more about the champions of Piltover and Zaun below:


Teemo: The Swift Scout

It’s not just the puffcaps that are toxic.


  • Teemo levels up after you use his ability & other spells to plant 15+ Poison Puffcaps on random cards throughout your opponent’s deck.
    • There are some unique conditions to mastering Teemo’s Puffcaps, so be sure to check out this article for more info!
  • Teemo is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Bandle City.


Ezreal: The Prodigal Explorer

Trouble never looked so good.


  • Ezreal levels up when you've targeted enemies 6+ times.
    • Level 2 Ezreal's effect deals 1 damage to the Enemy Nexus when you cast a spell, or 2 damage to the Enemy Nexus if that spell targeted an enemy. In an effort to always stand out from the crowd, this effect is the only one that cannot be buffed by another card (such as Funsmith), since it's a unique effect, rather than being a spell or a skill.


Jinx: The Loose Cannon

You say “explosion” like it’s a bad thing.


  • Jinx levels up when she sees your hand is empty.


Heimerdinger: The Revered Inventor

Turrets turn genius into firepower.


  • Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger is a man... er, I mean, Yordle, of many talents. Heimerdinger levels up when you summon his Turrets; 12 or more Power worth of Turrets to be exact!


Vi: The Piltover Enforcer

Knock 'em out and knock 'em flat!


  • Vi levels up when she has struck for 10+ damage.


Viktor: The Machine Herald

He blinded them with science.


  • Viktor levels up when you've played 7+ created cards.

Ekko: The Boy Who Shattered Time

Time is on his side.


  • Ekko levels up when you've predicted 4+ times.
    • When Ekko levels up, create 3 Chronobreaks in your deck.

Caitlyn: The Sheriff of Piltover

Rifle loaded, traps set... The games afoot.


  • Caitlyn levels up when 5 of your traps have been activated.

Jayce: The Defender of Tomorrow

Strength through progress.


  • Jayce levels up when you've cast 2 spells that cost 6+ mana.

Will you side with Piltover and their pursuit of glorious innovation, or do you find yourself aligned with the notorious experimenters of Zaun? Either way, both cities are willing to explore any avenue for an advantage... including siding with other regions.

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