Champions of Demacia


Stand Together


The Champions of Demacia are steadfast in their commitment to tradition and are well known for their unwavering loyalty. Will they overcome their fraught history with magic as the tides of time begin to shift? Learn more about the Demacian champions below:


Lucian: The Purifier  

For honor and vengeance.


  • Lucian levels up if he witnesses the death of four allies, or the death of his beloved, Senna, Sentinel of Light.


Fiora: The Grand Duelist  

A blade speaks for itself.


  • Fiora levels up when she kills two enemies.


Lux: The Lady of Luminousity

Shine bright in the face of adversity.


  • Lux levels up when 6+ mana worth of spells have been cast.


Garen: The Might of Demacia  

Defend. Protect. Preserve.


  • Garen levels up by striking twice.


Quinn: Demacia's Wings  

Justice takes aim.


  • Quinn levels up when she's seen you attack 4 times.


Demacia may be a small nation, but they are powerful, and ready to fight the good fight. Do you have what it takes to serve the noble aims of Demacia? You need not venture into battle alone.

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