How to do a Clean Reinstall

While we’ll probably never ask you to try turning your computer off and on again, sometimes reinstalling the game can create some LoR-fixing magic. If you’re having trouble with a patch, or the game isn’t quite running how it should, give reinstallation a try.

If you think your game could use a reboot, just follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Open Windows Explorer (type ⊞ Win+E) and enter C:\Riot Games\LoR into the top bar (or navigate to your custom install location, if you chose one) and delete this folder
  2. Next, enter %localappdata% into the top bar of Windows Explorer and delete the Riot Games folder
  3. Reinstall Legends of Runeterra

Keep in mind, it could also be the client that is messing with your LoR experience, so you can also try deleting the Riot Client itself. If you're having issues patching or logging in, delete C:\Riot Games\Riot Client, and reinstall that as well.

Tadah! A shiny new installation! If any problems persist, you can always send us a ticket. 



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