Error - A Purchase Has Failed

Have you recently spent some Coins or a wildcard, but not yet gotten your content?

Sometimes, purchases in-client suffer from a bit of lag. As long as the purchase would be successful (appropriate funds, information properly entered, etc.) your cards should show up for use immediately. However, a known bug during the Open Beta can occasionally cause a delay. We understand not only the frustration this may cause, but also the potential pitfalls. It may look like you can purchase an infinite number of a particular card, for example, or you may not be able to use a card you just purchased in a deck.

If this happens, we encourage you to wait an hour before submitting a ticket. There’s a very high likelihood that your purchase will show up (even if it is a bit late to the party). If you don’t have your card after an hour has passed, please click Submit a Ticket below, so we can help you resolve the issue.


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