Duplicate Protection and Shard Conversion in Legends of Runeterra

Worried about duplicates? Seeing double? Well, don’t worry -- Legends of Runeterra has systems in place to make sure you don’t gain unnecessary extra copies of any card. Since each deck can only have three copies of a card, you’ll never open a fourth.

If you roll a fourth copy of an Epic or Champion, it will automatically convert into an Epic or Champion card that you don’t yet own from the Region you're on! Likewise, if you get a fourth copy of a Common or Rare card from your Region, it will be converted into Shards

Own every Epic and/or Champion Card in a Region?!

Woah! That's wild! If you own every champion, epic, or both in the Region Road that you're currently on, don't worry. If you draw another Champion or Epic Wildcard, you’ll be granted one from another Region! Own every Champion and/or Epic IN THE ENTIRE GAME?! Even I’m impressed! You’ll be given Shards according to the conversion numbers below. No Runeterran need leave empty handed.

So, okay, you might see double, but at least you know you won’t be seeing quadruple. But what about getting those much-sought after Shards? If you draw a duplicate within the parameters above, the conversion rate of cards to Shards is as follows:

  • Common: 15 Shards
  • Rare: 60 Shards
  • Epic: 250 Shards
  • Champion: 750 Shards

This is just one of the many ways LoR ensures players will have access to the cards they need and the decks they want to rule the board.

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