Region Reward Roads

Runeterra is a big place, and that means there are regions vying for power. Demacia, Ionia, the Freljord, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, and the Shadow Isles are all available for you to explore!

Each region has its own rewards that you can progress down during a season. After completing the tutorials, you'll finish a Prologue Road first (which you can read more about here), and then activate the region you played the most cards from. Don't care for the region assigned to you, or interested in exploring the other regions? Just go to Rewards on the left-hand side of the client. There, you can select Change Regions in the upper left-hand corner.


Once there, you can activate a new region alongside viewing the progress you've made across all of Runeterra! (Looks like we've got to work harder in service of the Empire).



Keep in mind, even if your deck is rocking two regions, you will activate only one region at a time. Cards can only come from a single region (so no neutral cards).

Your progress through each region is tracked separately, so you can pick up right where you left off in one region if you choose to activate another.

Activated Region Notes

  • Earned XP is applied only towards the currently activated region (as well as the Weekly Vault, of course).
  • Regions will each have the same XP curve across each of their levels, so no region will be easier or harder than any other at any specific point.
  • For example, if you’re level 3 on Noxus, and you reach level 3 on Freljord, it requires the same XP to get to those points along the road.
  • Each region has the same total rewards, even though they are given in a different order. In total, while the rewards are region-focused, you’ll still unlock the same rewards by finishing each road.

Region Rewards Content

Region Rewards include a variety of content. While you'll earn different rewards at different times based on your activated region, the end of each road will see you well equipped to wage war with your chosen regions.

  • Region-aligned Capsules and Chests
    • These will only grant content for the corresponding region.
  • Random Epics
    • This is the only reward that could potentially give you a card from a non-activated region.


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