Champions of the Shadow Isles

Shadow Isles

Death and Sacrifice


The champions of the Shadow Isles are dark, dangerous beings, born of sinister circumstances. They all possess a tenuous tether to life, but do they wish to reclaim it...or consume it? Learn about the champions of the Shadow Isles, and their level up conditions, below.


Elise: The Spider Queen

What a tangled web we weave… 


  • Elise levels up when you have 3+ Spiders on the board at the start of the round.


Kalista: The Spear of Vengeance

Judge, jury...and executioner.


  • Kalista levels up when she’s seen 3+ allies die.


Thresh: The Chain Warden

Free yourself from this mortal coil. 


  • Thresh levels up when he has seen 6+ enemies die.


Hecarim: The Shadow of War

Death becomes him.


  • Hecarim levels up when you've attacked with 7+ Ephemeral allies.


Maokai: The Twisted Treant

Vengeance takes root.


  • Maokai levels up when your units have died or your cards have been Tossed 25 times.


Nocturne: The Eternal Nightmare

The only thing you have to fear.


  • Nocturne levels up when you’ve attacked with 5+ Nightfall allies.

Kindred: The Eternal Hunters

We all meet them in the end.


  • The first time you slay a unit each round, Kindred marks the weakest enemy. Kindred slays marked units when the round ends.
  • Kindred levels up when they've seen you slay 2 units with their mark.
    • To slay a unit, you must kill it through damage, kill effect, or striking it with an ally. Self-killing, such as through Ephemeral, doesn't count.

Viego: The Ruined King

He'll do anything for love. Yes, even that.


  • Viego levels up when he's seen allies with 20+ total power die.

Veigar: The Tiny Master of Evil

No, seriously. He's TOTALLY evil.


  • Veigar levels up once you've dealt 12+ damage with Darkness.
    • Darkness is a created card that deals 2 damage to an enemy.
  • Veigar is multi-regional—he’s also a champion of Bandle City.

Senna: The Redeemer

There is no darkness without light.


  • Senna levels up when she's seen you slay 3+ units with spells or an allied Lucian died.

Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress

Life’s a gift. She certainly won’t put this one to waste!


  • Gwen levels up when she's dealt 10+ damage.

Mordekaiser: The Iron Revenant

Even in death, your spirit is his.


  • Mordekaiser levels up when 15+ allies have died (allies with 5+ Power count twice).
  • Mordekaiser is multi-regionalhe's also a champion of Noxus.

The Black Mist of the Shadow Isles creeps insidiously ever farther, threatening to devour all of Runeterra. Will the sinister influence of these cursed lands reach beyond the sea?

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