I Can't See My In-Game Purchase History!

Nothing says a good time like purchase history. Don’t believe me? Just think about it. It’s a record of all the investments you’ve made into your awesome deck. An Epic Wildcard here, a champion there, each purchase documented with perfect accuracy...at least, ideally.

If all is right in the world of Runeterra, your purchase history should be full of all the items you’ve bought through your LoR journey. Think something like this:


While we hope everyone’s purchase history looks like this someday, there are a couple errors that may occur. 

If the client lets you know that an error has occurred, the best course of action is to click Submit a Ticket below. We hope to get your history back to normal in no time.

Of course, your purchase history may not look like the first example if, well, you haven’t purchased anything! If you definitely have made a purchase in the last 90 days, and your history looks like the example below, we encourage you to also submit a ticket. Just in case.


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